Frequent Asked Questions

Individual consultants, entrepreneurs, and organisations all use the rooms. Our room users include:

  • psychologists,
  • counsellors,
  • career coaches,
  • executive coaches,
  • hypnotherapists
  • massage therapists
  • migration agents
  • entrepreneurs.
  • organisations.
The rooms are open from 6am to 8:30pm Monday to Friday. After hours access is available for the weekends.
Only if you are a consultant working directly with paying clients, then, yes you must have current public liability insurance of $10 million to use the rooms.
To book a room, (once you are registered), you click on “bookings” and log-in. You then choose which room you want to book, confirm its availability, and proceed to the checkout to pay for the room.
To use our on-line booking and payment system you need to register on-line. You will also be required to sign our terms of use and attend an induction.
We use Paypal (a secure on-line payment system) to allow you to pay for your room use. You can by credit card or via Paypal. You will receive a receipt for each booking and payment.
There is a comfortable waiting area where your clients can wait for you.
No, there is not a receptionist. To keep the cost of room use to a minimum we do not use a receptionist. Each consultant is required to greet their clients in the waiting room and proceed to the booked room.
Yes, there is a small kitchen complete with fridge, microwave, tea/coffee facilities and a table/chair.
No, there is no storage area.
We work on the “55 minute hour” principle – meaning that if you book the room for one hour then after 55 minutes you will complete the session with your client leaving 5 minutes for note-taking, tidying and to vacate the room. It is essential for the smooth functioning of the rooms that each consultant sticks strictly to the correct hourly change over times. If someone is using a room that you have booked, please knock on the door and let them know that you have the room booked for this hour. Our expectation is that the consultant using the room will immediately vacate the room.
If you go overtime in a room, and the room is not booked by another consultant, you need to book that hour on the booking system, to reflect your use.
There is one free parking bay for consultants only within the building. Public on-street pay parking (2 and 3  hour) at the cost of $4 per hour is available on Ventnor  Avenue and surrounding streets including Kings Park Road.

Subiaco Train Station is approximately 15 minutes walk away. Transperth buses also run from the city down Kings Park Road and the CAT bus is also available from the city.  Refer to the CAT route maps and timetables if you require more information.